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Famous persons and families of murshidabad Part 2

Shree Sumatinath Temple at Azimganj
Built by Nahar Family

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Nahar Family:

Nahar family was a Zemindar family of Azimganj. The family has contributed a lot to the society, religion, academics and culture. They built Shri Sumatinath Temple in Azimganj. Nahar family also founded Kumar Singh Hall with a temple, community hall, library and museum in Kolkata near their residence at Indian mirror street. Rai Bahadoor Sri Manilal Nahar and one more person (I can not remember name) of this family had been featured in "Glimpses of Bengal", published in 1905.

Sri Puran Chand Nahar of this family was a great scholar. He is one of the academicians in India who laid the foundation to modern historical and archaeological research about Jainism. His collection is donated to Kolkata university and it is preserved there.

His brother Kesri Chand Nahar was a great patron of Indian classical music. He collected and published "Stavanavali" almost a century back. This is a great collection of Jain Bhajans with name of "Raag" and "Taal" printed with every Bhajan (Jain devotional song).

Bijoy Singh Nahar of this family entered into politics. He reached to the status of Home Minister and deputy Chief minister of West Bengal. He had been in the ministry of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy and Siddhartha Shankar Roy. Later on, he left Congress party with babu Jagjivan Ram to form Congress for democracy in 1977. When Congress for democracy was merged into Janata party, he became general secretary of Janata Party. He fought and won parliamentary election in 1977 from Kolkata.
He was a revolutionary Jain and edited and published "Tarun Jain", a monthly magazine for young Jains. He also adorned the post of Chairman, Bihar religious trust board, Government of Bihar.

Deep Singh Nahar of this family was a great photographer and had been worked as President, Bengal photographers association.

Ajit Singh Nahar of this family was a famous homoeopath and married to Smt. Kanak Sundari of famous Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim family. His sons Soumendra Nahar, Pradip Nahar and Bablu Nahar studied in Moscow. Soumendra Nahar and Pradip Nahar were awarded with Gorbachev award, highest honor for scientists in former USSR. Soumen and Bablu are in Russia and Pradip is serving as a research scientist in CSIR, Delhi.

Update: Mr. Ranjan Nahar, brother of Soumen has informed me that Soumen has returned fron Russia and is now living in Kolkata.

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Anonymous said...

This site is not giving correct information. There were 5 sardars in Azimgunj. In the section about famous people from Azimgunj please mention about other fanous people too.

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Please delete "Gorbachev award" sentence. This is absolutely wrong.


neptune said...

Jyoti, This bog is becoming more interesting day by day. At some point you have to correct the typos. Many thanks to Suraj for his very valuable addition. I hope he adds materials on other saharwali families too.

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Dear Jyoti Bhai,
How are you? I have not received any Gorbachev award. So, delete this.

Dr. Pradip Nahar, S/o Late Dr. Ajit Singh Nahar

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Also please provide some information on the Kothari family from Sagardighi.