Monday, July 27, 2009

Shree Neminath Swami Janma Kalyanaka


Mulgambhara Neminath Swami Temple, Azimganj

As all of you know that Sadhwi Shashiprabha Shree ji with three of her disciples are staying in Azimganj for Chaturmas। Azimganj Sri Sangh has been organizing several events

Azimganj Sri Sangh organized Shree Neminath Swami Janma Kalyanaka at Shree Neminath Swami Jain temple, Azimganj on sunday, 26 July, 2009. Neminath Swami is the 22nd Tirthankar and the Principal deity of Azimganj.

Mr. Amit, who is with Sadhwi Shree, has informed about the event.

Presented by:
Vardhaman Gems


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