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Famous persons and families in Murshidabad part 6: Bothra Family

Bothra family became dominant in religious and cultural activities among Shaharwali after decline of zemindari in 1954. Many of the prominent families of Murshidabad suffered huge set back after 1954. The Bothra family of Azimganj came to replace the vaccuam.

Late Prasan Chand Bothra established a business house for trading jute in Kolkata. Shree Parichand, Srichand and Gambhirchand Bothra were three able sons of him. They have flourished business after him and raised income many folds.

They became the new Rais of Azimganj residing at Parsi Bagan lane and Dover road in Kolkata. They have their Mukams in Jiaganj and other places. They purchased A.M. Mair and company that became the most successful jute brokerage farm. All the brothers were religious and social. Most of the charitable work in Murshidabad were supported by the family during last half of twentieth century. The brothers established Pawan Kumari Jnyan Mandir, a Jain pathshala at Azimganj in the name of their mother. Where Shree Parichand and Shrichand Bothra were more involved in socio-religious activities Shree Gambhirchand Bothra devoted his life in serving the patients. He was a daily visitor of Marwadi relief society, hospital at Chitpur.


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