Monday, September 14, 2009

Reconstruction of Azimganj Dadabadi at Rambag

 There are  hue and cry regarding dismental and reconstruction of Rambagh Dadabadi and some other related issues among Shaharwali society nowadays .

I have got several phone calls from Kolkata and Azimganj during these days. There are also some comments made by Shaharwali people anonymously in the blogposts.

I have repeatedly discussed the matters with Pujya Sadhwi Shree Shashiprabha Shreeji Maharaj and Shree Sunil Churoria, Secretary, Azimganj Shreesangh alongwith some other experienced, religious and socially active persons of Azimganj. I have also consulted some office bearers of Murshidabad Sangh, Kolkata and trustees of Azimganj Shreesangh. Now I am able to draw some conclusions about the matter.

1. It is suggestable to keep the pond in front of Dadabadi at its present position.

2. Dadabadi is already dismentalled and there is no way to rstore it as it is. Hence it is suggestable to  
reconstruct it  maintaining its old look. Old architecture of eastern India should be maintained and preserved.

3. It is also in the interest of everyone to rectify serious mistakes (That occured during reconstruction and Pratistha by Acharya Padmasagar Suri) in Sri Neminath Jain temple, Azimganj. Sri Sunil Churoria has assured me of the same in a telecon.

4. Pujya Maharaj Saheb informed me that Shilanyas of Dadabadi is postponed and it will not be done on the day of Navapad Mandal Ji Pujan. She has also informed me that she had advised the Sangh to  reconstruct Dadabadi with mimimum cost. 

I appreciate both the decissions.

5. It is suggestable not to involve the same Vidhikarak as "Margadarshak" in reconstruction of Dadabadi who had commited serious mistakes during earlier Pratistha in Sri Neminath Swami temple.

6. It also suggestable that the Sangh should meet and come into an unanimous decission. A plan, design and budget should be passed in that meeting in Margadarshan of Pujya Sadhwiji Shree Shashiprabha Shreeji. She has assured me of guiding the Sangh in this matter.

7. It is in the best interest of Azimganj Shreesangh and Shaharwali society at large to avoid all controversies and leg pulling (if any). We all are united for the cause of betterment of shaharwali society and to bring its past glory. May Arihant Paramatma bless us and dadagurudeva help us. 

Best wishes.

जैन धर्म की मूल भावना भाग 1
जैन धर्म की मूल भावना भाग 2

Jain Bhajans by Anup Jalota
With regards,
Jyoti Kothari

(Jyoti Kothari is proprietor of Vardhaman Gems, Jaipur, representing Centuries Old Tradition of Excellence in Gems and Jewelry. He is a Non-resident Azimganjite.)


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