Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sumatinath Jain Temple in Palitana


Mulanayaka Sacha Sumatinath

Sri Madholal Dugar of Kolkata Johari Sath has built a Jain temple in Palitana Talhati in the 19th century. This is the oldest Jain temple in Palitana Talhatti. Sumatinath, the Mulnayaka of this temple is popularly known as Sacha Sumatinath. Jain pilgrims of Palitana worship this diety before proceeding to the Palitana hills. There are other Tirthankar idols and Dadaguru dev Charans (Foot prints) in this Palitana Jain temple.

Jirnoddhar of this Palitana temple is done recently in the auspicies of Khartar Gachchha Sadhwi Shree Shashiprabha Shreeji Maharaj. A Bhaktamar temple, Dadabadi and Patavali temple is also added newly to this temple.

This Palitana temple is presently managed by Sri Ujwal Dugar, a member of Sri Madholal Dugar family.

A dharamshala is also attached with the temple built by the same Sri Madholal Dugar.

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