Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advertise your Post

What more you can do to advertise your goods:

 Check your post at after a day of posting your items and copy address of your post. You can link this post to any where you want. You can also book mark your post. E-mailing a link to this post to your clients can help you selling your items.

We are providing you with some places where you can link your post.

1. You may link to comments sections of the blogs linked in the side bar of Gems and Jewelry Portal. To do so, simply go to any blog, open any blog post, click comments at the bottom of the post. Write a  relevant comment. Chose "Post with name and URL" option before posting. Fill it up with your name and blog post address. You can get your blog post address in your browser while opening your post.

2. You can also link your blog post to the blog section of Jaipur web site. Large number of visitors come to view the web site about Jaipur. You can sign up to be a member of that site and then you will be able to post your link to comment section of the Blogs. It can dramatically increase traffic to your post.

3. There are many articles about Gemstones and  Jewelry You can go to those articles and post a relevant comment with links to your post.

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Advertise your post
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