Monday, December 7, 2009

Indian stand in COP15

Indian stand in COP15  (Cllimate change conference in Copenhagen) has ignited hot debate in India. Jairam Ramesh, The environment minister had to answer in Rajya Sabha today. India has declared carbon emission cut unilaterally in Copenhagen without any compensation.

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Jugular Bean said...

The Indian government has finally laid out it's plans for tackling climate change. They still need some debate on the detail, but overall it's a good first step. I'm glad we're finally showing leadership on this issue.

However the US and other developed nations are still playing truant. They are the ones who caused the problem to begin with and now they continue to hide from their responsibility despite great steps taken by developing nations.

We now need to put pressure on developed nations. Let’s get out of our comfort zones and take action.

12 December is the global day of action. I am gonna be there. Please join the movement. It's the revolution of our era.

Please spread the word. It's for our future