Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rene Brus, Netherlands researching on Vanaspati diamond

Rene Brus, gold smith from Netherlands has been researching on Crown art. He met me today to discuss some topics. He is searching history of a Vanaspati diamond reportedly from the Tagore family of Kolkata, West Bengal. The large sized rare Vanaspati diamond was in the crown of the diety in family temple of Tagore family. Later on the diamond was sold to some unknown. However, it is an unknown fact that where the diamond is.

There is an interesting corelation of the said diamond with my family. It is a historical fact that my ancestor Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim, Court Jewelers to H. E. the Viceroy and Governor General of British India displayed a large sized Vanaspati diamond in an exhibition in Delhi, 1893 organized to honor the visit of British Emperor. Rene Brus is searching a corelation between these two events. He met me to know about the fact.

He also added that there was another description of Vanaspati diamond thatwas in possesion of Baroda Maharaja. Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim, Kolkata had close connection both with Tagore family and Baroda Maharaja. Sayajirao Gayakwad, Maharaja of Baroda organized an All India Jain Conference (1906-07) referred as Sayaji conference. Maharaja Gayakwad nominated  Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim as secretary of that conference.

Maharshi Devendra Nath Tagore of famous Tagore family faced severe financial problem in 1870s and 80s. My father late Dhirendrapat Kothari (1926-1979) told me a story which described that the Tagore family had to sell all their Jewelery to pay debt. It is possible that they sold the rare Vanaspati diamond to the Mookim family in around 1880s. The same was exhibited in Delhi in 1893. It is also possible that the same was sold to Gayakwad Royal family of Baroda.

I have tried to establish a corelation among all these three. However, this is based on assumptions and probabilities.  I believe that reserachers will find more facts to establish the truth.

Jyoti Kothari (Jyoti Kothari, Proprietor, Vardhaman Gems, Jaipur represents Centuries Old Tradition of Excellence in Gems and Jewelry. He is adviser, Vardhaman Infotech, a leading IT company in Jaipur. He is also ISO 9000 professional)


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