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Travel Rajasthan: Hawamahal, The icon of Jaipur

Hawamahal, Jaipur: The tourist spot

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan in India and the icon of Jaipur is Hawamahal. Jaipur is also known as Pink City, being all the buildings inside the walled city are actually pink. Europeans call Jaipur Paris of India. However, we know that Jaipur was built before Paris and it will be better to call Paris Jaipur of France.
Jaipur is situated in the Golden Triangle of Indian tourist map along with National capital Delhi and Taj fame Agra. Jaipur is a famous tourist place that attracts millions of indigenous and overseas tourists. The International airport in the pink city facilitates foreign tourists.
Jaipur is the favorite destination for American, Australian and European tourists. Large numbers of travelers come from European countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, England, Germany etc besides American tourists.
Tourists visiting national capital Delhi and Tajmahal (Number one among seven wonders of the world) in Agra normally visit Jaipur. Hawamahal, the icon of Jaipur remains the most attractive place for all these tourists and travelers.

Hawamahal Jaipur, Main entrance

Hawamahal Jaipur, Chowk inside, Central view
Hawamahal Jaipur, Side view, Chowk Inside

Hawamahal Jaipur, Central view, Chowk enlarged
Hawamahal, the icon of Jaipur

Hawamahal is the center of attraction for the tourists visiting Jaipur. 'Hawa' means air or the wind in Hindi language and 'Mahal' means the palace. Hence, the word Hawamahal refers to "The wind palace".
Hawamahal, the icon of Jaipur is an example of the superb architecture of medieval age. It is specially designed for hot and dry weather of Jaipur. A cool breeze flows continuously inside the palace instead of hot weather. It becomes possible because of its special design.
Indian architects built marvel structures considering the local environment. In some way, they were Masters of weather. Those architects could calculate all positive negative effects of weather on a monument or building. That's why they could build such environment-friendly structures likes of Hawamahal and Jalmahal.
The architectural design is based on certain scientific principles. Hot wind becomes cool when contracted. Hawamahal has hundreds of small-sized windows. Hot wind compressed while entering through the small sized windows and becomes cool. Hence, air enters into the palace is always cool irrespective of the weather.
Hawamahal is situated near the City Palace, the main residential palace of Jaipur Royal family. The Royal family of Jaipur used to come and live in Hawamahal during the summer season and hot summer days. There was a famous program of music broadcast through radio named Hawamahal. This shows the popularity of this palace.

Hawamahal Jaipur, Colored glass windows
Hawamahal Jaipur, Slope to the first floor

Hawamahal Jaipur, Water Reservoir
Hawamahal Jaipur, Gates in the Verandah

Inside Hawamahal: Step by step

Jaipur is among top destinations for tour and travel. Hawamahal is the icon of Jaipur. Hence tons of material available on the web about the same. There is no use of repeating the similar material in this hub.
Unfortunately, almost nothing is available for the inside view of Hawamahal. My son has taken a tour of the palace and photographed the entire monument. He has taken photographs of each and every place inside. I am posting some of those 96 pictures here. You can take a tour starting from the main gate of Hawamahal to the inner core of the Wind Palace.
I dedicate this article to Darshan Kothari, my son. He can celebrate his efforts if you like it.
N.B. Photographs of ground and the first floor is shown in this blog. I will be showing more photograph of Hawamahal in the next part of the blog. This will cover the second and third floor of Hawamahal, the icon of Jaipur.
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