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Quality, Origin and Properties of Ruby and Sapphire
Diamond: Quality, Grading, Value and Certification
India: Producing small diamonds consuming solitaires
Jadau and Meenakari : The artistic Jewellery of Mogul pattern
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Categories and sub categories of Gemstones and Jewellery
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Jadau Kundan Meena: Artistic Jewelery of mogul pattern: Photo gallery
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शुभ नव वर्ष 2009

नूतन वर्षाभिनंदन
नव वर्ष के
नूतन प्रभात में
नीलाम्बर को अपनी
निर्मल ज्योत्स्ना से
निरंतर प्रभासित करने वाला
नील गगन का ज्योतिर्पुंज
नित्य ही हमारी
नेह पाती को अपने
नव प्रकाश के
निर्झर से पल्लवित कर
नव चेतना, नव उत्साह
नव जागरण, नव आशा का
नवोदय करे
नियति के
नियामक से यही मेरी
नम्र विनती है !!!
( यह सुंदर कविता मुझे मेरे मित्र श्री कमल कुमार बेगानी, रायपुर ने गत विक्रम संवत के प्रारम्भ में हाथ से लिख कर भेजी थी। उस स्नेह सिक्त पद्य को यहाँ आप के लिए ज्यों का त्यों प्रस्तुत किया गया है। धन्यवाद।) ज्योति कोठारी


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Famous people from Murshidabad Shaharwali society


Jalmandir inside Dhanpat Vasahi, Palitan

Shaharwali community is a small community but it has produced many famous people in various fields Starting from the Jagat Seth family. Jagat Seth family was very close to the Nawabs of Murshidabad. In fact, Nawab Mursheedkoolie Khan braught Jagat Seth with him while fleeing from Delhi to Mursheedabad. The Jagat seth family has taken the charge of greatest Jain pilgrimage Sammet Shikhar and managed it for over a century. He has maneged to get some Farmans from the Badshaha of Delhi in favor of the Jains. They also built Sanwalia Parasanath temple made of Kasauti (Gold tester) stone. This was the only temple in the world made of this stone.

Amichand and Raidurlabh, the merchants in the court of Nawab Siraz-ut-doula were also belong to Oswal Jain community. The Oswal Jain community in Murshidabad, later on, described as Shaharwali.

The Golechha family was the next to come in the picture. Harakchand golechha of this family took charge of Sammet Shikhar from the Jagat Seth family after their decline. He has also built Ratnamayee Chouveesee (24 Tirthankara idols made of various gemstones). Those, later on, installed in the Chintamani Parshvanath temple. Daughter of Harakchand Golcha was married to Nanak Chand Kothari, S/ O Panachand Kothari. Nanak Chand Kothari was a new comer to Azimganj at that time. Jyoti Kothari, writer of this blog, is his Grand Grand son.

Dugar family served the society most. Practically they reigned for almost a century. Pratap Singh dugar of this family took a "Sangh" to Palitana in Samvat 1883 with Upadhyaya shree Kshamaratana.

(Kathgola Temple: Photo courtsey
Suraj Nowlakha

Rai Bahadoor Laxmipat Singh Doogar and Rai Bahadoor Dhanpat singh Doogar were his two sons who carried the tradition with them. Laxmipat Singh, the elder brother built famous Kathgola temple and Dadabadi and decorated the 100 acres land with beautiful marvel and statues and other decorative from Oslar company. Perhaps this is the biggest land devoted to a Jain temple. Sripat Singh Dugar of this family built two clleges in Jiaganj and a communnity hall in Kolkata Jain Bhawan. He also contributed generously for publication of Jain stories series by Pandit Kashinath Jain.

Rai Bahadoor Dhanpat Singh Doogar, the younger brother has done in numerous work for the religion, trade and society. He built Famous Dhanpat Vasahi alias Babu Ka dehrasar (Temple of Lord Adinath) in the talhatti (Valley) of Palitana, the Shatrunjaya Teertha.

He also took charge of Sammet Shikhar teertha from Golechha family. The Dugar family had maintained it for more than seventy years before the Jain community took charge from them. Rai Dhanpat Singh built the main temple there in Madhuvana and also Jal Mandir above the hill. He also built dharamshala there. He has erected many other temples and Dharamshalas in various pilgrimages such as Kshatriyakunda, Gunaya, Barakar, Kakandi, Champapur etc. and other places such as Azimganj, Ganpatganj, Pratapganj etc.

He set up a printing press in Azimganj to get all the Jain Agamas (Sacred and holy books) printed. It was the first time in the history that Jain Agamas were published in printed form.

They were the Zemindars of Harawat estate (Poornia district of modern Bihar). Rai Bahadoor Dhanpat Singh Doogar founded the Bengal chamber of Commerce and adorned the Chair as the first President of the same. Kamala Pat Singh Kothari, S / O Nanak Chand Kothari was married to grand daughter of Rai Bahadoor Dhanpat Singh Doogar. Kamala Pat Singh Kothari is great grand father of Jyoti Kothari, author of this blog.

Doogar family also owned their own Railway from Azimganj to Nalhati.

Continued to........Part 2.

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Jyoti Kothari

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You have been invited to join Vardhaman Gems

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Jain Shivirs by Jyoti Kothari

Jyoti Kothari is teaching and conducting Jain Shivirs (Religious camps) for youngsters, college and university students, women, business persons and professionals etc. since 1981. He has started teaching from a camp in Kolkata 1981. since then he has taught and conducted different types of camps all over India and abroad.
He has been teaching Jain monks and nuns since 1986 and also guiding scholars for their Doctorate and post doctorate thesis. He has been also engaged in research programme of various Indian and foreign universities.
Kolkata in West Bengal
Chennai in Tamilnadu
Kochin in Kerala
Delhi, the capital of India
Mumbai in Maharashtra
Sangli in Maharashtra
Raipur in Chhattisgarh
Durg in Chhattisgarh
Kavardha in Chhattisgarh
Nawapara-Rajim in Chhattisgarh
Balaghat in Chhattisgarh
Chas-Bokaro in Jharkhand
Bermo in Jharkhand
Jaipur in Rajasthan
Bikaner in Rajasthan
Barmer in Rajasthan and some other places.


Paryushanas of Jyoti Kothari

Jyoti Kothari has been volunteering himself for Paryushana program since last 25 years. He started doing this from Gangapur city in Rajasthan 1984. Since then he had been in many places in India and abroad for the purpose. Normally he goes to a place where there is no Chaturmasa of Sadhu-Sadhvis. He will be in Kolkata for Paryushana this year 2009.
His Paryushanas:
Gangapur city in Rajasthan
Durg in Chhattisgarh
Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh
Gwallior in Madhya Pradesh (Twice)
Indore in Madhya pradesh (Twice)
Chandrapur in Maharashtra
Malegaon in Maharashtra
Delhi, the capital of India
Patna in Bihar
Jaipur in Rajasthan
Ajmer in Rajasthan
Bharatpur in Rajasthan
Vyabar in Rajasthan
Lucknow in Uttar Prades
Bangkok in Thailand (Twice)
Tokyo in Japan


My paryushana 2008

Jyoti Kothari had been invited for preaching Paryushana in Tokyo. It was an eight days programme.
Pravachana on sacred Jain text the Kalpasutra had been delivered daily. Daily praticramana along with Pakshika on chaturdashi and Samvatsarika on the last day of the Paryushana were also conducted.
The Tokyo Jain Sangha also organized Samuhika Kshamapana and Sadharmi vatsalya. Daily pooja was conducted in the Vasupujya swami temple.


शहरवाली पोषाक

शहरवाली समाज की अपनी एक अलग पोषाक है। चुन्नटदार धोती, कुर्ता, शाल व पगडी। यहाँ की पगडी भी विशेष प्रकार की होती है। शाल ओढ़ने का अलग ही अंदाज़ है। अजीमगंज के प्रसिद्ध दुगड़ परिवार के गौतम जी दुगड़ शहरवाली पोषाक में यहाँ दिख रहे हैं.


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Golden India on HubPages

Golden India

Dear Sir,
This article represents gold investment scennario in India. Gold price may declinbe in near future.
You may also love to read some more about investment, education, economics and money.

How to Be Hopeful (and not cynical) during tough times

Comparison of Indian economy with US, EU, Canada, Japan, China and rest of the world

Tri-lingual children

Differences between a real estate broker and real estate agent?

Are foreign stocks better than American stocks?

You can feel free to comment on the article.
Jyoti Kothari


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अजीमगंज शहरवाली साथ का खाना

कुछ ख़ास मिठाइयाँ: मालपुआ, छुआरे की गोली, जमाओ, मोतीचूर (मिहिदाना) के लड्डू, बोडे का बुंदिया, सांकली,गुड का खाजा , चीनी का खाजा, ठेकुआ, मेथी का लड्डू, सोंठ का लड्डू, घाल का लड्डू, चिट्ठा पेडा, सत्तू का लड्डू, कोंढे का मुरब्बा, आदि कुछ मिठाइयाँ वहां की विशेषता है। चावल के लड्डू जिसे नन्द्याल कहते थे वह नवपद जी की ओली में चढाने के लिए बनता था। इस के अलावा और बहुत सी मिठाईया भी बनती है जो common है।
वहां का पीठा और नीमस भी बहुत प्रसिद्ध है। पके आम का पापड और चुरा सिर्फ़ यहीं बनता है.

ख़ास नमकीन: मोयन की पुडी, कलाई की कचोडी आदि वहां की कुछ ख़ास नमकीन है। वहां की खीरे व कमल गट्टे की कचोडी, छाते (कमल गट्टा) की खिचडी, सिंगाड़ा-दही की खिचडी, सलोनी मेवे की खिचडी, भापिया आदि भी प्रसिद्ध है। बिना नमक की मठरी जिसे खाजली कहते थे वह भी ओली जी में चढाने के लिए बनता था।

सब्जी (तरकारी) : इन्डल, डूबकी का झोल, राइ खट्टे का परवल, खट्टा मीठा, पपीते व केले का दबदबा, खीरे की राडी, कच्चे केले की राडी, कद्दू बूट का दाल, खीरा बूट का दाल, कच्चे केले एवं परवल का अकरा, दही की तरकारी, मटर के दाल का चुरा, कटहल के बीज की चटनी व कद्दू एवं कच्चे केले के छिलके की सब्जी भी बनती है। खीरे के छिलके की चटनी एवं मटर के छिलके की सब्जी यहीं की खासियत है। यहाँ अम्बल पानी बनता है जिसे खिचडी के साथ खाया जाता है। पके कट्वेल की चटनी बहुत अच्छी लगती है.

आचार व मुरब्बे : सामान्य आचारों के अलावा यहाँ की कुट्टी मिर्ची विश्व प्रसिद्ध है। बोर की राडी और टिकिया एवं कट्वेल का पाचक भी बहुत स्वादिस्ट होता है।
आम का मुरब्बा बहुत तरह का बनता था जिसमे फकिया, लच्छा, व गोलिया प्रसिद्ध है। छुहारे का मुरब्बा भी बनता था।


कुछ निराले शहरवाली नाम

अजीमगंज के शहरवाली समाज में कुछ निराले नाम प्रचलित थे । इस प्रकार के नाम और कहीं भी देखने में नहीं आते हैं । कुछ नाम जो मुझे याद है उन्हें यहाँ पर लिख रहा हूँ। यदि आप लोगों को ऐसे कोई भी नाम और मालुम हो तो मुझे लिखने का कष्ट करें। अजीमगंज-जिआगंज-मुर्शिदाबाद के शहरवाली साथ के बारे में और भी कुछ जानकारी आप के पास हो तो जरूर मुझे बताएं। धन्यवाद।
पुरूष: घोंता, हुत्तु, नाडू, बेटा बाबु, नत्थू, गोलू, गोल, लोंदु, पोदु, खुद्दु, बुढा, फुचुआ, फत्तू, फुत्तुस, छेदु, चुलू, टुलू, उदु, सुदु, दुदू, कुमरू, हामू, झामू, बाह्जी, जर्मन, जापानी, हाबू, बाबू बच्चा, मिस्टर बाबू, पीला बाबू, लाल बाबू, नया बाबु, खोली भट्टाम, सिंटू, मिंटू, चीनी बाबू, लाली बाबू, बाबू राजा, बन्नू बाबू, तन्नु बाबू, लाख दो लाख।

स्त्री: लाडा, पाडा, पुप्पी, लोजेंस, बाण मति, मोंचुरिया, बीबी, रुबू, हांसी, छोटी मुन्नी, रानी मुन्नी, नन्ही मुन्नी, फुच्ची, नन्ही फुच्ची, खेंतो.


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Surana Jewellers, Gopalpura By-pass

Vishal Surana

Surana Jewelers,

Shop No. 52, Triveni Nagar,

Gopalpura By-pass Road,

Jaipur 302018

Phone: 91-141-2761985

Deals in 12 ct. 18 ct. and 22 ct. Gold Jewelry. Gold and diamond Jewelry. Artificial Jewelry
राशिः रतन

Retailer and Wholesaler.

Franchisee of: Vardhaman Gems


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जयपुर जेम एवं ज्वेलरी पोर्टल में आपका स्वागत है । आप यहाँ अपना माल बेच सकते हैं एवं खरीद भी सकते हैं। यह पोर्टल इस काम में आपकी मदद करेगा। आप अपना नाम, पता, एवं माल का ब्यौरा यहाँ दर्ज करा सकते हैं। इसके लिए आप मुझे इ-मेल करें।
इस पोर्टल से आप पुरे भारत ही नही बल्कि पुरी दुनिया से संपर्क कर सकते हैं।


Introduction to jaipur Gems and Jewelry portal

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan is the biggest color stone hub in India. It has been manufacturing gemstones both precious and semi-precious since last 300 years. Jaipur jewelers are skilled in cutting, polishing, assorting various gemstones. Jaipur also produces Kundan Meena Jadau ornaments. It is also developed as jewelry manufacturing center in recent years. It manufactures gold, silver, enameled, diamond studded, diamond and color stone studded jewelery along with artificial and costume jewelery. Jaipur supplies gemstones and jewelery all over India and overseas.

There is an office of gem and jewelry export promotion council here and it also runs a gem testing laboratory.
Jaipur organizes gem and jewelry exhibitions twice in a year. A private organization does it in December (this year 20-23rd Dec.) and the Jewelers association in August- September.

There are thousands of manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders and brokers working in the city.
This portal is dedicated to provide assistance to buyer and sellers of gem and jewelry. (Please note that the word jewelry is spelled in different ways e.g. jewellery, jewelery in different parts of the world)

You may contact to for further inquiry and registration.


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Is it safer to put money into foreign stocks than american stocks? on HubPages

Is it safer to put money into foreign stocks than American stocks?

Dear Sir,
Please read this article and comment on it.
Sensex reached 500 marks from its base point 100 with in seven years where as Dow Jones took 46 long years to achieve it . Again journey of Sensex from 500 to 1000 points took only four years but Dow took sixteen years for the same. Read data rich comparison of the history of two major stock exchanges of the world. One is from America, the world leader and another from emerging economy, India.

Jyoti Kothari

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Astrology and Palmistry : Gemstones, Planets and Zodiac on HubPages

Astrology and Palmistry : Gemstones, Planets and Zodiac

Pleas visit this and live your comment in the comment section at the end of the article.
Jyoti Kothari