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Navratna: Tantra of India

Navratna: Tantra of India

Updated on May 13, 2016

Jyoti Kothari

Jyoti Kothari, a businessman (Gems and Jewelry, Garments, Software), Author and philanthropist in Jaipur, India.

Specific arrangement of Navratna as Tantra

Navratna is a specific arrangement of nine gemstones used in Indian astrology. This is also a Tantra of India. Gemstones Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s eye are arranged in a specific order to form the Tantra of Navratna. Indian astrology uses this to get rid of the bad effects of nine planets in human life and to enhance the good effects of those nine planets.
India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and a country with rich traditions. Indians had discovered relations between planets and gemstones. The research established strong connections between planets, zodiacs and nine gemstones (Nava Ratna).
Ruby gemstone represents the planet sun, pearl refers to the moon and so on. I will discuss relations between all nine gemstones and nine planets in the coming paragraph.

Indian researches: Navratna, Planets, and Zodiacs

Indian scholars researched and developed knowledge and used those to enhance the quality of life even in ancient times. Indian scientists had been working on atoms and astronomy when America was not even discovered by the modern world and most of Europe was in the forest.
Indian astronomers calculated the movement and path of planets long before Europeans. They knew Zodiacs and relationship between Zodiacs and planets and earth. Mathematics in India was in a very developed stage since ancient times. Bhadravahu (Fourth century B.C.), Barahamihir, Aryabhata, Brahmagupta are some to name.
(Bhadravahu was contemporary to Chanakya and Emperor Chandragupta became his disciple.)
They have depicted movements of planets exactly using subtle calculations. Indian astrology is based on scientific and mathematical calculations. They used geometry, logarithm, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry and even differential and integral calculus to find out movements and paths of planets and their astronomical relationships with Zodiacs. They knew the exact parabolic paths of the planets.
They were able to find out the exact method of defining time in terms of the year, month, week and days. They could easily calculate the exact time of sunrise and sunset. They could also define movements of the moon and were able to forecast high and tide. Solar and lunar eclipses were calculated at that time. Indian astrologers use this for Muhurta.

Navaratna and Nine planets

Indian astrology has two main streams 1. Ganita and 2. Falita. Ganita means mathematical calculations whereas Falita means the effect of planets and zodiacs in one’s life. Ganita also deals with subtle divisions and subdivisions of time and Falita uses these calculations to specify good or bad times for particular actions.
Indians also knew about gemstones and their magical power. Astrologers of India have chosen nine gemstones for nine planets as per their color.
The sun is in the center of our solar system and its red color resembles that of the ruby gemstone. The sun also affects human life the most. Ruby keeps its place in the center of the Navaratna.
The moon, though not a planet according to modern science, is the nearest celestial body from the earth. Hence, it affects human life the most but the sun. Where the sun is hot and resembled with red-colored ruby, the moon is cool and the pearl gemstone with white color represents the moon in Navaratna. The sun is followed by the moon in Indian Navagraha system.
Red-colored marsh is represented by red-colored coral and it occupies third place in Indian planet system.
The mercury (fourth in the system) has typically given the color green and is represented by emerald gemstone and yellow sapphire represents the Jupiter (fifth in the system). Dazzling white Venus comes in the sixth position and diamond, the most dazzling gemstone is the representative of the Venus.
The Saturn occupies the seventh place and blue sapphire represents its blue color, typically given by the Indian astrologers.
These seven planets have their correspondent zodiacs, shown in a chart below. The Sun and the Moon (planets in Indian astrological system) have one zodiac each. Rest of the above mentioned five planets have two zodiacs each. Two of the planets in Indian astrology Rahu and Ketu have no correspondent zodiacs.
Solar and lunar eclipses have significant effects on the earth, hence, these astronomical phenomena are included in the system as shadow planets. A solar eclipse is named Rahu and lunar is Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are considered as the eighth and ninth planet and had been assigned the grey color. Hessonite and Cat’s eye are the respective gemstones for them.

Navaratna: Palmistry and Zodiac

Astrologers of India believe that particular gemstone of these nine gemstones can reduce bad effects of a particular planet on human life. Thus, they prescribe specific gemstone to a particular person according to the position of a particular planet in one’s horoscope.
Besides specific gemstones prescribed to a particular person, Navaratna has been used as a common healing Tantra of nine planets altogether. Hence, Navaratna occupies an important place in Indian astrology.
Jewelers of India manufacture and sell plenty of Navaratna rings, pendants, necklaces, tops, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and other ornaments. Navaratna beads and long beads are also used in Indian beaded Jewelry.
Indian astrologers also depicted the relationship between zodiacs and planets. Astrologers of India also allocate a particular area for a specific planet in human palms. Palmistry of India also uses Navaratna as a healing method.

Jyoti Kothari (Jyoti Kothari, Proprietor, Vardhaman Gems, Jaipur represents Centuries Old Tradition of Excellence in Gems and Jewelry. He is adviser, Vardhaman Infotech, a leading IT company in Jaipur. He is also ISO 9000 professional)


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रीति रिवाज़: सिलामी व व्याह १

लड़का लड़की के बड़े होने पर लगभग माँ बाप या घर के बड़े शादी तय करते थे। अक़्सर लड़का या लड़की ख़ुद पसंद नही करते थे। शादी में खानदान को बहुत महत्व दिया जाता था पैसे को नहीं। खानदान के अलावा लड़की का चाल चलन और सुन्दरता को महत्व देते थे। अगर थोडी उमर होने के बाद व्याह होता था तब लड़के की कमाई देखी जाती थी। लड़के की सुन्दरता को ज्यादा महत्व नही दिया जाता था। व्याह के पहले लड़के लड़की की कुंडली जरूर मिलवाई जाती थी और कुंडली मिलने पर ही सम्बन्ध किया जाता था नही तो नहीं। अजीमगंज में खानदानी पंडित जी थे। कुछ समय पहले तक पंडित देव नारायण जी शर्मा थे, जो ज्योतिष के अच्छे जानकर थे। उस समय पंडित जी के खाते में अजीमगंज-जियागंज व आसपास के जैन, पांडे व नाइ के यहाँ होने वाले प्रत्येक व्यक्ति के जन्म का व्यौरा रखा जाता था।

व्याह पक्का होने के बाद किसी भी कारण से छोड़ा नहीं जाता था। पक्का होने के कुछ दिन बाद सगाई की जाती थी जिसे शहरवाली में सिलामी पड़ना बोलते थे। सिलामी में सवा मन दूध और मिश्री लड़की वाले लड़के वाले को भेजते थे जिसे पुरे समाज में बांटा जाता था। सिलामी में विशेष लेन देन का रिवाज़ नहीं था।


रीति रिवाज़: खीर चटाई व मुंडन

बच्चा अन्न खाने लायक होता था तब शुभ मुहूर्त में चांदी के कटोरे चम्मच से खीर चटाई करवाते थे। चांदी शुभ माना जाता है और स्वास्थ्यप्रद भी है। उससे पहले कोई अन्न बच्चे को नही देते थे। खीर चटाई के उपलक्ष्य में कार्यक्रम होता था। खीर चटाई भुआ करवाती थी।

मुंडन: तीसरे या पांचवें साल में बच्चे का मुंडन होता था। उस समय बाजे के साथ बच्चे को लेकर कुलदेवता, भैरव जी, माता जी आदि (जिनके घर का जो रिवाज़ हो) के यहाँ ले जा कर मुंडन करवाते थे वहां तेल सिन्दूर आदि चढाया जाता था। बच्चे को मन्दिर दर्शन करवा कर गुरु जी के पास बासक्षेप डलवाते थे और बच्चे को अक्षर ज्ञान करवाते थे। उस समय यती जी को ही गुरु जी कहा जाता था। यतीजी स्लेट में पेंसिल से ॐ नमो सिद्धं लिखवाते थे। मुंडन का विशेष महत्वा था और उस समय ख़ास उत्सव होता था।


कुछ रीति रिवाज़: जापा और जनम

शहरवाली में जनम से ले कर मृत्यु तक अनेकों रीति रिवाज़ प्रचलित थे। वहां लगभग हर घर में जापा घर होता था एवं बच्चे का जन्म वहीँ होता था। दाई जापा करवाती थी। वोही जच्चा बच्चा को कड़वे (सरसों) तेल से मालिश करती थी। वहाँ कड़वे तेल का दीपक २४ घंटे जलता रहता था। उस दीपक से काजल बना कर जच्चे बच्चे को लगाया जाता था। दरवाजा और खिड़की बंद रहता था। एक महीने तक उस कमरे में कोई भी मर्द नहीं जाता था एवं जच्चा बच्चा बाहर नहीं निकलता था। कोई भी ठंडा चीज यहाँ तक की कच्चा पानी भी नही पीने देते थे।
कभी दाई से जापा नही करवाने पर अस्पताल में भी जापा होता था तब पालकी में बैठा कर अस्पताल ले जाते थे और अस्पताल से वापस आ कर फिर उन्हें जापा घर में ही रखा जाता था।

जापे का खाना अलग बनता था जिसमे सौंठ, अजवायन, गोन्द, मखाने, बादाम और घी का बहुत प्रयोग होता था। जच्चे को अछ्वानी और बच्चे को जनम घुंटी दिया जाता था। साँची पान में छुहारा और अजवायन डाल कर जच्चे को खिलाया जाता था। बिमारी होने पर कबिराजी (वैद्यकी) दवाएं दी जाती थी। कम से कम ६ महीने तक बच्चे को माँ का दूध ही पिलाया जाता था।

बच्चा एक महीने का होने पर मन्दिर में स्नात्र पूजा करवाया जाता था। माँ व बच्चे को सब से पहले मन्दिर ले जा कर दर्शन करवाया जाता था। एक महीने बाद स्नान कर के जब बच्चा बाहर आता था तब माँ को लाल साड़ी व ओधनी पहना कर नेक चार किया जाता था। नेक चार में नाइन व पड्यानी की बहुत भूमिका होती थी। लड़के का एक महिना और लड़की होने पर सवा महीने का सूतक रखा जाता था।

पंडित जी से कुंडली बनवाई जाती थी और कुंडली के अनुसार नाम रखा जाता था। देव नारायण शर्मा वहां के प्रसिद्ध पंडित थे,जो ज्योतिष के अच्छे जानकर थेउस समय पंडित जी के खाते में अजीमगंज-जियागंज आसपास के जैन, पांडे नाइ के यहाँ होने वाले प्रत्येक व्यक्ति के जन्म का व्यौरा रखा जाता था। यह एक प्रकार से जन्म की रजिस्ट्री होती थी जिसे कोर्ट में भी मान्यता प्राप्त थी। आवश्यकता होने पर इस खाते को कोर्ट में पेश किया जाता था। मैंने ये खाते देखे हैं जिनमें लगभग संवत १८४० से २००० अर्थात इस्वी सन १७८५ से ले कर १९५५ तक के सभी जन्म का संक्षिप्त व्यौरा दर्ज है। इसमें पिता का नाम, जन्म का समय, तारीख, संवत, नक्षत्र व संतानोत्पत्ति का क्रम दर्ज है।

छूना (M.C) होने पर भी जनाना लोग जापा घर में रहती थी। वहां पर इस चीज का बहुत विचार था।


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Condolence meeting: Girdharilal Bhargava: Photos

Condolence meeting of our beloved convener and six times consecutive MP late Shree Girdharilal Bhargava on 15th day of March 2009 at Gulabi Nagar Vichar Manch, Jaipur.

Death Anniversary: Girdharilal Bhargava


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Requirements in Gemstones

Please contact us at Vardhaman Gems if you have these stones for sale.

1. Burmese Spinal cut fine quality size 5 to 6 carats
2. Cat's eye fine quality size 5 to 6 carats
3. Australian Opal (Wales)size 5 to 6 carats
4. Flat Diamonds size 6 to 10 carats


Loksabha Election 2009: Jaipur

Jaipur is the Pink city of India and renowned for its Gems and Jewelry business.

Girdharilal Bhargava, six times consecutive MP and BJP candidate for Jaipur has breathed his last on March 08, 2009. BJP has not yet decieded for any candidate.

">Video Girdharilal Bhargava procession

Manoj Bhargava, son of late Girdharilal Bhargava is likely to be nominated as BJP candidate for Jaipur Loksabha seat.

Mahesh Joshi, probably will fight against him as INC candidate.

Courtsey: Vardhaman Gems
centuries old tradition of excellence in Gems and Jewelry


Chaturmas Shashiprabha Shreeji

Chaturmas of sadhvi Shashiprabha Shreeji is decided for Azimganj. Shashiprabha shreeji is learned desciple of late Pravartini shree Sajjan shreeji maharaj.
This is likely to be announced in Dadaguru Mahapujan at Dadabari, 29, Badridas Temple Street, Kolkata 700004, organized by Azimganj Shree sangh on April 1, 2009, as reported by Suraj Nowlakha.

Dadaguru Mahapujan will be followed by sadharmi vatsalya.

Jyoti Kothari


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Jadau Kundan Meena: Artistic Jewellery of Mogul pattern Photo gallery

Latest in Fashion-Kundan Meena Jadau jewelry

What is the latest trend in Jewelry? Which type of Jewelry is being loved now? What are trendy? What is in fashion? What is the craziest shopping in Jewelry especially gold jewelry today?

These are Kundan Meena Jadau, the artistic Jewelry of Mogul pattern. These are Handcrafted, Artistic, Classic and Royal gold Jewelry from Jaipur, India. Hyderabad, Bikaner, Varanasi, and Sardarshahar also produce Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry besides Jaipur. Kolkata is a place for English and French enamel.
These are the perfect blending of antique and modern. Fashionable, yet investor-friendly. Investing in this Jewelry (Jewelry, Jewellery) is found fruitful and growing. It is seen that the investors invested in Kundan Meena Jadau jewelry got a good return on their investments. Hence, you can opt for buying such types of jewelry that will serve both the purposes, wearing jewelry and return on investment.
View photos of Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, and Pendants of Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry from Vardhaman Gems.

Kundan Meena Jadau Pendants Photos

Bangles, Bracelets, and Pendants.

You have viewed Necklaces of different pattern and now turn to Bangles, Bracelets, and Pendants. Some of them are beaded.
These beautiful ornaments are made of Gold, Diamonds, and Color stones. Jaipur is the main manufacturing center of these ornaments followed by Bikaner, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Varanasi.
Gold is the base metal for these fashionable and artistic Jewelry items. These are studded with diamonds and other gemstones, color stones. These are trendy and unique shopping items for those who love to invest in Jewelry.

Kundan Meena Jadau Bracelets and Bangles Photos

Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry

Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry is fashionable and trendy. These are artistic. These are very good investment tool also. Gold is the safe haven for investors at all times and this Jewelry contains a huge quantity of gold within.
Similarly, many of these ornaments have diamonds, another preferred choice of investors. These have artistic value too and investors love investing in arts. If you are an investor, you can think of investing in this form of gold Jewelry.
These are also consumable items. One can wear those and enjoy.
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(This article is published on March 21, 2009.)

Kundan Meena Jadau: Vardhaman Gems


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जौहरियों के योग्य नीति

पारखी, चलत जे , सोलह वचन प्रमाण
मान धर्म परतीत वश, रहे सर्व सुख जान॥

गुरु पद पद्मा सदा उर धरे, जाय जहाँ सब कारज सरे
सत्य रत्न कह बेचे झूँठा, देत कष्ट तेहि ग्रह सब रूठा
खोट मिला कर बेचे सच्चा, दगाबाज़ वो जौहरी कच्चा
बड निकाल बदले घट डारी, अंग दुःखी वा सुत धन हारी

सत्य खरीद नफे नहिं कहे, सो पापी वृथा जौहरी रहे
मांगनी फरक झूठ कह साई, दगा दोष परतीत घटाई
साईं दे लेकर फ़िर जाई, बात तजे बड़ दोष हँसाई
बिका रत्न कम तोल तोली, न्याई बन लैं पाप मोली

लेहि भेद पर कर चतुराई, समझ वक्त निज काज बनाई
अति प्रिय मित्र देही नदिं भेदा, काज हानि मूरख बन खेदा
सभा काहु की सच मणि खोटी, कह निज करे बात नहिं छोटी
सभा बीच बड़ बोल बोले, निज हित काज प्रतिष्ठा डोले

वचन बनाय सत्य अस कहे, गाहक सभा नृपति खुश रहे
नहिं कर दगा घात विश्वासा , प्रथम लाभ अंतहि सब नासा
तज बदनीत कुकर्म अभिमाना, सब सुख काज सिध्द जग माना
निज मत धर्म नहिं तजे, सुख सब अंत मोक्ष हरि भजे
रत्न प्रकाश, श्री राजरूप टांक से सादर उद्धृत

जौहरियों के योग्य niti
Moral lessons for the Jewelers
रत्न पारखी, चलत जे , सोलह वचन प्रमाण ।
मान धर्म परतीत वश, रहे सर्व सुख जान॥
Gem identifier, the Jeweler, who follows these sixteen vows religiously enjoys all happiness and honor.

गुरु पद पद्मा सदा उर धरे, जाय जहाँ सब कारज सरे ॥
सत्य रत्न कह बेचे झूँठा, देत कष्ट तेहि ग्रह सब रूठा ॥
खोट मिला कर बेचे सच्चा, दगाबाज़ वो जौहरी कच्चा ॥
बड निकाल बदले घट डारी, अंग दुःखी वा सुत धन हारी ॥
The Jeweler always keeps lotus feet of his guru in the heart
that accomplish all of his works at every place. He, who sells fake gems as real, all planets (as per astrology) goes against him and gives him pain. He, who mixes imitation with real is not a Jeweler but a deceptor. He, who changes bunches of Basra pearls to manipulate weight in Chav becomes unhappy, deceased and looses his kids and wealth.

सत्य खरीद नफे नहिं कहे, सो पापी वृथा जौहरी रहे ॥
मांगनी फरक झूठ कह साई, दगा दोष परतीत घटाई ॥
साईं दे लेकर फ़िर जाई, बात तजे बड़ दोष हँसाई ॥
बिका रत्न कम तोल न तोली, न्याई बन लैं पाप न मोली ॥

It is useless for a sinful person to be a jeweler who does not speak truth about cost and profit. Who lies offer is also a deceptive and looses his goodwill. Who changes after giving or taking deposit for a deal he looses his words and people laughs on him. One should not weigh less in sold gemstones. One should be judicious and not be sinful.

लेहि भेद पर कर चतुराई, समझ वक्त निज काज बनाई ॥
अति प्रिय मित्र देही नदिं भेदा, काज हानि मूरख बन खेदा ॥
सभा काहु की सच मणि खोटी, कह निज करे बात नहिं छोटी ॥
सभा बीच बड़ बोल न बोले, निज हित काज प्रतिष्ठा डोले ॥

One should be diplomatic and clever to get others' secrets. One should understand the time and situation in get one's work done. One should not reveal secrets even to a bosom friend because it will lead to failure and one has to be a looser. One will regret for his foolishness.
One should not tell a real gemstone imitation in elite group (sabha? group/ meeting, court?), this will lead to dishonor. One should not speak much or boast himself in an elite group. One will loose his goal, interests and reputation.

वचन बनाय सत्य अस कहे, गाहक सभा नृपति खुश रहे ॥
नहिं कर दगा घात विश्वासा , प्रथम लाभ अंतहि सब नासा ॥
तज बदनीत कुकर्म अभिमाना, सब सुख काज सिध्द जग माना ॥
निज मत धर्म नहिं तजे, सुख सब अंत मोक्ष हरि भजे ॥
One should be very diplomatic in speaking. It should be truth but pleasant to customer, court and king. One should not deceive and betray, it may profit him initially but everything will be lost at the end. One should leave all bad intentions, evils and ego to achieve ones goal and happiness. It will pays one honor in the world. One should not leave ones own belief, religion, spirituality and work. One should worship God, will get all earthly pleasures and liberation at the end.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sobhagmal Gokulchand Pungalia

One of the oldest Jewelry firm in Jaipur. Specialized in extra fine quality Emeralds. Late Mr. Rikhabchand Pungalia of Sobhagmal Gokulchand has been recently featured in the legends of Jaipur by the Times of India.

Know more about emerald city Jaipur

Family built Pungalia Jain temple is worth visit.

Mr. Shikharchand Pungalia, younger brother of Mr. Rikhabchand Pungalia is the proprietor.

Address: M.S.B. Ka Rasta,

Second cross, Johri Bazar,


Important for investors

Vardhaman Gems


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gems and Jewelry in Shaharwali society

It is believed that Jagat Seth had best quality emeralds in their possession. There is a dialect about how did he acquire emeralds. It is told that merchant envoy of Jagat Seth was in a voyage and sold all his merchandise. While returning the captain felt that the ship is too light and could not face a storm. They put boulders of stones in the ship to make it heavy.

When back to the home they found those boulders emeralds. It is a known fact among the Jewelers that those are the best emeralds in the world but of Jahangir's cups.

View: Researching the Emerald city

Bahadur Singh Singhi of Singhi family was fond of diamonds. He had a great collection of flat diamonds i.e. Parva, Polki and English Polki. He was the main person behind the famous diamond-studded "Angi" of shree Dharmanath Swami, Tulapatti Jain temple, Kolkata. It is believed that all flat diamonds studded in that Angi are flawless.

The Dugar family also loved Gems and Jewelry a lot. There was a great collection of Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry and solitaires with Maharaj Bahadur Singh Dugar and other members of that family. It is believed that the family was at a time in possession of a bangle pair of Begum of Alauddin Khiljee, Badshah of Delhi.

Raja Bijay Singh Dudhoria, Rai Budh Singh Dudhoria, Nirmal Kumar Singh Nowlakha, Sitab Chand Nahar families also have an excellent collection of Gemstones, Basra Pearls and diamond and Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry in their collections.

Many other Shaharwali families also had nice collections of Precious Gemstones, diamond, and Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry. Mursheedabad Meena is supposed to be the best Meena (Enamel) in the world.

Shaharwali society had very good relationship with Johari Sath, the Jewelers community in Kolkata and purchased awesome collections of Gemstones and Jewelry from them.

Presented by:
Jyoti Kothari
Vardhaman Gems
Centuries old Tradition of Excellence in Gems and Jewelry


Monday, March 9, 2009

अंत्येष्टि श्री गिरधारी लाल भार्गव

अन्तिम दर्शन श्री गिरधारी लाल भार्गव


Sunday, March 8, 2009

स्वर्गीय श्री गिरधारीलाल भार्गव

गुलाबी नगर विचार मंच में अन्तिम बार
२२ फरवरी २००९ को पुष्प माला अर्पित करते हुए

स्वर्गीय श्री गिरधारीलाल भार्गव
स्वाभाव से सरल, सादगी पसंद, कर्तव्यनिष्ठ, लोकप्रिय, जनसेवक,गरीबों के हितैषी थे। वे बचपन से ही राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ के स्वयंसेवक रहे।
उन्होंने रिक्शा, तांगा, ठेला वालों, फल-सब्जी-फूल बेचने वालों, नाइ, धोबी, मोची, मजदूर, किसानों के लिए आजीवन संघर्ष किया।
श्री गिरधारीलाल भार्गव का जन्म नवम्बर १९३७ को जयपुर में हुआ। वे शिक्षक एवं अधिवक्ता रहे व १९५८ में हाई कोर्ट आन्दोलन में सक्रियता से भाग लिया। १९६६ में शराब बंदी आन्दोलन में सक्रियता से भाग लिया। वे सर्व धर्मं एकता मंच, महापुरुष समारोह समिति, मिर्जा ग़ालिब सोसाइटी, मदर्सादार्सुल आदि के संयोजक व संरक्षक रहे।
डाक्टर उजला अरोडा ने २६ जून सन १९८३ को गुलाबी नगर विचार मंच की स्थापना की एवं भार्गव साहब उसके आजीवन संयोजक रहे.

वे जनसंघ, जनता पार्टी भारतीय जनता पार्टी के जयपुर अध्यक्ष रहे। १९७२ में पहली बार जयपुर के हवामहल क्षेत्र से विधायक चुने गए उस समय सभी विरोधियों की जमानत जब्त हुई। १९७९-८० में जयपुर UTI के अध्यक्ष रहे एवं १९८५ में पुनः विधायक चुने गए।

१९८९ में जयपुर के महाराजा एवं कांग्रेस पार्टी के उम्मीदवार कर्नल भवानी सिंह को ८० हज़ार से भी अधिक मतों से हरा कर पहली वार जयपुर से सांसद बने। उसके बाद उन्होंने कभी हार का मुंह नहीं देखा। हर वार कांग्रेस अपना उम्मीदवार बदलती रही और वे लगातार वार लोकसभा चुनाव जीत कर भारत की संसद में पहुंचे।
आने वाले लोकसभा चुनावों के लिए इस वार भी भारतीय जनता पार्टी ने उन्हें अपना उम्मीदवार घोषित किया.

वे सांसद रहते हुए दूरसंचार, रेलवे, एयर पोर्ट, संसदीय अवाश व्यवस्था समिति, हिन्दी भाषा समिति आदि के अध्यक्ष रहे।
श्री गिरधारीलाल भार्गव की मानवता के वारे में क्या कहा जाए? वे जयपुर के प्रत्येक व्यक्ति के ह्रदय में वसे थे। सभी के जनम, मरण, परण में पहुचते थे। यहाँ तक की जयपुर के श्मशान घाटों में पड़ी लावारिश अथवा गरीब लोगों की अस्थियों को स्वयं हरिद्वार ले जा कर गंगा में प्रवाहित किया करते थे।

वे क्रीडा प्रेमी भी थे। फुटवाल, शतरंज आदि प्रतियोगिताएं का आयोजन भी करवाते थे।

राजस्थान पत्रिका के संस्थापक स्वर्गीय कर्पूर चन्द कुलिश द्वारा दिए गए नारे " जिसका कोई पूछे हाल, उसका है गिरधारीलाल" नारे को आजीवन चरितार्थ किया।

आज वो हमारे बीच नहीं रहे। अहमदावाद में संसदीय समिति की बैठक में भाग लेने गए हुए थे वहीँ हृदयाघात हुआ एवं आज सुबह जयपुर वासियों को बेहाल छोड़ कर अपोलो अस्पताल में ब्रह्मलीन हो गए। आज सयम ONGC के हेलीकाप्टर द्वारा उन्हें जयपुर लाया जा रहा है जहाँ उनके पार्थिव शरीर को भारतीय जनता पार्टी के कार्यालय में जनता के दर्शनार्थ रखा जायेगा.

Source: Dr. Ujala Arora
Death Anniversary: Girdharilal Bhargava


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girdharilal Bhargava, MP, Jaipur is no more

Alas!! Our beloved MP Girdharilal Bhargava is no more!!!


Girdharilal Bhargav is no more

Alas! Our beloved MP Girdharilal Bhargava is no more!!!


Our dearest Girdharilal Bhargava is no more !!!!!!!!!!!

The King is dead!! Long live the king!!!!

We are to inform with deep sorrow that Jaipur's most belloved son Shree Girdharilal Bhargava is no more with us.

While coming back to Jaipur from parliamentary comitee meeting in Hyderabad he had undergone cardiac attack in Ahmedabad and breathed his last in Ahmedabad.

Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujrat is looking after his.........

His body will be brought to Jaipur and funeral will be done with .......

Girdharilal Bhargava was and will be reigning in the hrearts of Jaipurites.

He was six times consecutive MP of Jaipur and BJP candidate for coming Loksabha election.

He was the convener of Gulabi Nagar Vichar manch.

He was a politician with rare qualities. I always refer him as Statesman and not as politician. He was symbol of equality.

we were preparing for our today's meeting in Gulabi Nagar Vichar manch but destinee has some other plan.

Our meeting will be held today but as condolence meeting. We appeal all Jaipurites to come and join the condolence meeting to be conducted at the same venue Scout and Guide campus, Museum Road, Near Ramniwas Bagh, Jaipur at 11.00 A.M.
Death Anniversary: Girdharilal Bhargava
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bhuramal Rajmal Surana

Kundan Meena Jadau Necklace

Bhuramal Rajmal Surana, a legend in gems and Jewelry trade. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh invited the Surana family from Delhi.
Specialized in Kundan Meena Jadau Jewelry. Retail outlets in Hyderabad, Indore and Gurgaon.

Proprietor: Vimal Chand Surana is a well known name in Gems and Jewelry industry since last 50 years.

Lal katla, Haldion Ra Rasta,

Johri Bazar, Jaipur 302003

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Emerald trade in Jaipur

Emerald is one of the most precious gemstones. This green color stone has a charming and rich look. Jaipur is renowned for its Emerald business since a long time. Professor Lawrence Alan Babb, Amherst College, Massachusetts University, US has been discussing the Emerald trade in Jaipur.

Vardhaman Gems


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Article published in Jain Spirit, London

Jain community has a strong hold in gems and Jewelry business. They have chosen the trade because of its Non-Violent nature. Strict adherence to ethics enables them trustworthy Jewelers since Sultan period. Thakkur Feru (a Jain Jeweler) was the court jeweler to Alauddin Khiljee, Badshah (Emperor) of Delhi.

An article of Jyoti Kothari about the same was published in Jain Spirit, London in 2004. This article is reproduced here with the permission of Atul Shah, editor, Jain Spirit.

Ethics in Gems and Jewelry (Jewellery) business

Vardhaman Gems



शहरवाली साथ में कुछ पहेलियाँ काफ़ी प्रचलित थी। इन्हे मैंने अपनी माँ, दादीमा आदि से सुना है। आप के लिए उनमे से कुछ यहाँ लिख रहे हैं। इनका उत्तर यहाँ नहीं दे रहें हैं ताकि आप इसका उत्तर ढूंढने की कोशीश करें।
यदि आप को भी कुछ याद हो तो हमें अवश्य लिखें।

हरी थी मन भरी थी , नव लाख मोती जडी थी,
राजा जी के बाग में, दुशाला ओढे खड़ी थी।

कटोरे पे कटोरा, बेटा बाप से भी गोरा।

दौडे दौडे गए दो, थम्ब गाड़ आए ,
बड़े मिया गिर पड़े, हम झट भाग आए।

मारा ना खून किया, बीसों का सर काट दिया।

एक अचम्भा मैंने देखा, मुर्दा रोटी खाए,
बोलें तो बोले नहीं, पीटो तो चिल्लाये।

६. आया लटकन, दिया पटकन.

७. जल मछली जल मछली, जल में करे वासा
हाथ नहीं पाऊँ नहीं, करे तीन तमाशा.


Heeralal Chhaganlal Tank

Mr. Heeralal Tank and Chhaganlal Tank were two brothers who established and expanded their Jewelry business even in the nineteenth Century. Shree Rajroop Tank, their adopted son, groomed the business well. He has been called as "Dean of the Jaipur Gem dealers". He had many students and were famous as Chacha saheb. He has written a book namely "Indian Gemology".

His son Dulichand Tank was like father like son. He was known in the society as Bhai saheb.

Both father and son contributed admirably to the trade and industry. Their social contributions can not also be ignored.

Jyoti Kothari
, Proprietor, Vardhaman Gems, had pride privilege to be under training them for four years during 1982 to 1886.

Mr. Dharmendra Tank, son of Shree Dulichand Tank has inherited the proprietorship of the business house M/S Heeralal Chhaganlal Tank and running the business successfully. Both Mr. Dharmendra Tank and their firm are known worldwide for quality, integrity, and honesty.

M.S.B. Ka Rasta, First Cross,
Johri Bazar, Jaipur-302003.
Phone: +91-141-2561621

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