Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paryushan: Mahavira Swami Photos from Kalpasutra

14 Draems of Devananda Mata
Trishala Mata sleeping in her Palace

Harinaigameshi Deva transfers embryo
of Mahavira from
Devananda to Trishala Mata

Trishala Mata viewing 14 dreams

Lord Mahavira descending from Vaimanika Devaloka to the womb of Devananda Mata. His mother Devananda viewed 14 great dreams at that time (Picture 1) .

However, her joy did not prolong.Harinaigameshi Deva (god) took the embryo from her womb and transferred it to queen Trishala (Picture 3) by order Indra, the King of gods.

Trishala was sleeping in her palace at that time (Picture 2). She had the similar 14 great dreams after that (Picture 4).

Mahavira Swami Photos in Kalpasutra 
Paryushan Photos from Kalpasutra


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Anonymous said...

Very nice photos. Trishala and Devananda Mata both are here.