Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shaharwali families in Japan


Few Shaharwali families also live in Japan. They live in Capital city Tokyo and Pearl city Kobe. All these three families are in Gemstones and Jewelry business.

List of families living in Japan:

1. Rajesh Bothra, Grandson of Srichand Bothra of Azimganj lives in Tokyo

2. Sandip Bachchhawat, from Azimganj lives in Tokyo

3. Chand Boyed (Baid), S/o Shital Chand Baid of Azimganj

N.B. Chand Boyed (Baid) is going to be married with daughter of Bijaypal Singh Bachchhawat of Azimganj soon.

3. Rakesh Bothra S/o Gambhirchand Bothra of Azimganj lives in Kobe.

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Shaharwali Families in Japan

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Anonymous said...

It is good to find information like this so well.
Sanjay Bothra

S Jain Mumbai said...

R C Bothra has 4 sisters and 3 brothers living in Kolkata, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Bhagalpur etc. Gambhirchandji's grandsons of Vishakapatnam, are building a jain temple in Singapore and the pratistha is on 24th August 2010. Jai Jinendra. Namo Jinanam Jiya Bayanam. Darshanam Deva Devasyam, Darshanam Paap Naashnam, Darshanam Swarg Sopanam, Darshanam Moksha Saadhanam.

Michael said...

Rajesh Bothra was born in Mumbai 1968, in Marwari family from a Rajaldesar village in Rajasthan. When he was aged about 16. He decided to quit his further studies, because his ambition was to become an excellent businessman. After quitting his studies he decided to start his business. In Present days his Business is popular by brand name Mercury, which is sold and uses his product Worldwide by common people.