Thursday, January 14, 2010

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Posting Videos for Back link generation

There are many ways for SEO or Search Engine OptimizationBack links generation is the most important of all after content writing. There are many ways to get back links and I have already discussed some methods in the previous blog post.

Here is a new method. This is a very effective method yet ignored for SEO and Back link generation. Posting videos with related content is one of the best ways of Back link generation. However, most of the web masters do not care to post videos for Search Engine Optimization. Perhaps, posting Videos for Back link generation is quite a new idea and most of the web masters are not accustomed of doing it for back link generation.

You can post your videos to several sites such as You tube, Google, Yahoo, Metacafe and many other sites for free.  You can also post links in the descriptions of your videos. You tube, Google and Yahoo allow you to post your back links in the descriptions of your posted Videos. All these sites have very good page rank. Hence, you can get Quality Back links from these videos.

Remember that you have liberty to write your own descriptions. Do not miss this opportunity and write descriptions on your video with your related key words. Do not forget to tag it with your own key words. It will improve quality of your back links important for SEO.

Moreover, You tube provides an opportunity to embed these videos in other sites. Large number of sites grab this opportunity to embed these videos to their own sites. Your web site will get back links from all these sites automatically and organically. This will help a lot in your SEO, Search Engine Optimization. You will also get organic traffic from these Video sites. If you have a Hubpages account you can embed Videos in your hubs. You can get a good traffic in this way.

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Now you can start promoting your web site through Video postings to generate Quality Back links and organic traffic. This is really a wonderful method of SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

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Deepak said...

This is aunique way of SEO, Search engine optimization. I always use this technique to optimize my sites.
Thanks for sharing.

Seo search engine said...

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