Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make money online through News

News: Make money online

Make money online is trend of present days. people are making money online through various ways. Some are making it through selling their goods and services online to domestic clients. Some are exporting and importing online to and from overseas clients to make money online.

Large numbers of people are making money online through affiliate links and online advertisements or by joining and filling a survey.

Article and blog writing is also in fashion to make money online. Some people are posting videos and images to earn some extra money in internet. Of course some are engaged in e-mail marketing. All these are legitimate way of making money online.

However, my purpose of writing this article to inform how to make money online through news.

How to report news and make money online?

There are several ways to report your news. You can make money online with only few of them. One of the way to report your news through creating a news blog. You can create your news blog in Google blogger and make money online through Adsense program, Kontera or with affiliate links of E bay and Amazon.
You can also create your own news web site to make money online. However, this will cost you some money and it takes hard work to promote that site. If you are able to get traffic to that news site you can make money online.

You can also join a news site to report your news. This is one of the best way for the beginners and amateurs to report their news and make money online.

Vardhaman Infotech

Make money online through Allvoices News

I prefer to write in Allvoices news which is the best site for reporting news online I ever visited. It gives an excellent opportunity of building backlinks. Allvoices news has incentive program for its reporters which pay descent. You can make money online by reporting your news in text, image and video formats.
To do so, first sign up Allvoices news. You have to complete your profile by filling your real name and location. You have to add your photo to the profile page.

You can join their incentive program to make money online after completing your profile. You can report your news via cell phone if you provide your cell number to Allvoices news.

Allvoices pay per view. Current payment varies between $2 to $ 4 per 1000 page views according to your status and participation in Allvoices community. You will be paid @ $ 2 if your score is between 50 and 65. This is easy to achieve score.However, if your score will exceed 65 and remains below 90 you will be paid @ $ 3 per 1000 view. If you are reporting regularly and have build your reputation in the Allvoices news you can achieve score over 90 and then you will be paid @ $ 4 per 1000 page view.

Allvoices has three levels for their members as in Hubpages have 4 levels. You will join as stringer and gradually promoted to reporter and finally become an anchor. The anchor has the highest reputation in All voices news.

I have joined the site just two months back and achieved rank of reporter so far and i believe that I can reach the status of anchor with in a month. My score currently is about 75 which is growing at fast pace. I hope I will soon cross the level of 90 to reap the highest benefit.

You can get all information about how to score in allvoices in their incentive program page.
it is easy to achieve if you are a regular online writer. It is very easy for a hubber to get this status. If you are not a hubber sign up here for hubpages.

Hubpages Adsense program pays per click. You can earn on the clicks on Adsense advertisements in your hubs. You have to sign up for Adsense and link your adsense code to make money online in Hubpages.
Where as Allvoices pay per page view. You need not to sign up for adsense to make money in Allvoices.
So why to wait?

Sign up Allvoices news. Please do not forget to become my fan after signing up Allvoices news.



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