Monday, November 14, 2011

Jaipur by taxi

Traveling to Jaipur is a fun. Jaipur is an amazing city for the tourists. Both Indian and foreign tourists enjoy Jaipur. There are forts, temples, Palaces and many other tourist spots in the pink city. Hawamahal is the icon of the city. However, this only is not enough. Tourists enjoy traveling by road. Both Jaipur -Delhi and Agra - Jaipur. Roads are in very good condition. These are National highways, four or six lanes. One can enjoy marvelous food in the restaurants and Dhabas situated road sides. It is possible if one is traveling by taxi.

Car rent is affordable in Jaipur and one can chose from variety of cars to suite his or her budget. What to think now? Just start visiting Jaipur by taxi.

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