Saturday, May 4, 2013

KALQ keyboard first time launched by Indians

KALQ keyboard launched

KALQ keyboard, a smarter and faster thumb-based typing keyboard is launched by Indians! Congratulations!! Vardhaman Infotech has launched an Android mobile application - the world's first KALQ keyboard.

Large numbers of people downloaded the application worldwide and it is spreading. The present keyboard app works on Android tabs and large phones only. Darshan Kothari of Vardhaman Infotech informed that his team is working to make it compatible with other Android phones. They believe it to bring a newer version very soon.

KALQ Research

Researchers in University. of St. Andrews developed a new keyboard which works better than present QWERTY keyboards in smartphones. Darshan Kothari and his team at Vardhaman Infotech, Jaipur, India quickly developed an Android application for smartphones and launched it free in Google play store on April 30, 2013. They developed it in only five days after the research paper published. MPI-INF (Max Planck Institute for Informatics), Montana Tech, a renowned organization has yet to launch the application (though announced much earlier)!! 

However, few researchers did not take it with sportsman spirit. One of the team members Myroslav Bachynskyi posted a warning at the Google play store that this is not official! How ridiculous!!! It is officially launched by Vardhaman Infotech. Of course, it is not an official release of MPI-INF (Max Planck Institute for Informatics), Montana Tech and nowhere in the app, it is claimed to be of the institute. 

Instead of appreciating the effort taken by an Indian in developing the app in such a fast speed they have started condemning it. 


However, some European newspapers published the news with due importance. See two news. 

Typing on a tablet or large smartphone is faster if your keyboard is specially adapted for control with your thumbs, new research shows. For that reason, Vardhaman Infotech decided to make an Android app with a KALQ keyboard. (English translation) 
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QWERTY gives way to KALQ on mobile devices

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Een e-mail schrijven op een tabletcomputer of een smartphone loopt niet voor iedereen van een leien dakje. Het gevoelsmatige scherm en de positie van de letters zorgt voor heel wat schrijffouten. Dat blijkt uit nieuw onderzoek. Om dat te verhelpen komt het Indische technologiebedrijf Vardhaman Infotech met een Android-applicatie op de proppen die geen gebruik maakt van het traditionele QWERTY-toetsenbord maar wel van het nieuwe KALQ-toetsenbord. 

QWERTY legt de duimen voor KALQ voor mobiele apparaten


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