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Indian Home remedies

Home remedies: Why?
There are ailments and remedies. There are many referred as home remedies. Home remedies are easy and cost you almost nothing.
Medical bills are going higher and higher. Large numbers of people can not afford their medical bills. It is more difficult to afford medical bills at the time ofeconomic slow down and recession. Large number of people have lost theirjobs or left with poor pay scale all over the world. Business persons are facing tremendous crisis and investors have been loosing money on their shares, stocks, bonds etc. Situation is worse in developed countries like America, the US,UK, European Union countries, Canada, Japan, Australia etc. China, Brazil andIndia are in comparatively better condition.
Home remedies are particularly very important nowadays. Indian people have been using various home remedies since ancient times. They are continuing to do so till date. Though most of the urban population in India are now switching towards modern medications rural population still believe in home remedies in most of the cases.
I will describe some of the home remedies used frequently in India. These can be useful for the people of America, the US and other countries in rest of the world.

Home remedies: Dysentery and acidity

Dysentery and acidity are common diseases. Large numbers of people all over the world suffer from these diseases. Dysentery is a common cause of child death in many countries. The world health organization (WHO) have a cause of concern with the disease dysentery. WHO supply ORS solution free of cost to many countries to prevent dysentery.
Sugar and salt solution is used as home remedy to prevent dysentery in India. It is easy to use medicine to prevent the disease. Just take a glass of drinking water and pour couple of sugar spoons and add some common salt (NaCl) to it and prepare a solution. It can save a life by supplying necessary salt and nutrient. It helps retaining water in the body.
Please remember that this solution is not a medicine for dysentery but it help retaining water in the body. Dysentery takes water away from the body which maycause death.
Combination of tea leaves and sugar is also used as home remedy in dysenteryand loose motion. It works as alternate medicine. One has to take a spoonful of tea leaves combining with two spoonful of sugar. Just intake it with simple drinking water. It will help to stop loose motion. This is a common home remedy in Indiawhich is taken as alternative medicine.
Perhaps above mentioned home remedies are not common in America, the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, the UK or in the European Union or other parts of the world. Purpose of writing this article in the hub mob weekly is to make them aware of these Indian home remedies to be used as alternate medicine.
Acidity is among common ailments. It is a symptom of indigestion caused byovereating or similar. Combination of sugar and tea leaves also helps in acidity.
Drinking a cup of water mixed with a spoon of rose water (Commonly available in Indian homes) is also an excellent way to get rid of acidity. This alternate medicine is commonly used in India as home remedy for acidity.
One can also take a cup of tea added with rose water as an alternate medicinefor acidity.
Alternative medicine: Burn and wound

It is a common practice in Indian homes especially in the Indian kitchens to treat simple burns with saline water. Common salt is easily available in any kitchen. It is also common to burn fingers while cooking. People use saline water while burn their fingers in the kitchen as home remedy. They use solution of water and salt and rub it on burn just like an ointment. It provides relief.
People also use tooth paste on burn as common home remedy. Glycerin in the tooth paste works wonderfully on burn.
Rural people and farmers used to rub calendula (Mary gold) leaves on their wound. It helps stop bleeding and also works as an antiseptic. Turmeric powder is also used as an herbal or home medicine in wounds. Turmeric powder is an excellent antiseptic.
It is difficult to apply an ointment if one has a cut in tongue, leaps or some inner parts in mouth. However, it is easy to put some sugar there. It helps stop bleeding.
Lime is a common ingredient of Indian food. Indians put lime mixed with water for few months to make it cool and make a paste of it. This paste also works wonderfully to stop bleeding by supplying calcium locally. It helps in blood clotting.
A combination of lime and turmeric powder is an excellent home remedy forpain. If one has has a hit on bone causing pain he or she can use this. Prepare a paste of lime mixing with turmeric powder and heat. Rub this hot paste over the area of pain. It absorbs pain fast.


The author is not a medical professional nor have a professional degree in medical sciences. This article is written just to describe common practices in Indian homes. It is all about home remedies. 
Please consult your doctor before using these alternative therapies. The author is not and will not be responsible for any harm caused  by using these home remedies.

Jyoti Kothari (Jyoti Kothari, Proprietor, Vardhaman Gems, Jaipur represents Centuries Old Tradition of Excellence in Gems and Jewelry. He is adviser, Vardhaman Infotech, a leading IT company in Jaipur. He is also ISO 9000 professional)


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