Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cabinet of ministers approved food security bill

 Cabinet of ministers have approved National food security bill in India. The bill will cover and benefit seventy five percent or three fourth of Indian rural and fifty percent or half of Indian urban population. The National food security bill will guarantee food security to 750 million (75Crore) Indian.

Indian government will provide 7 KG of food grains per person per month in the BPL (Below poverty level) category. The government will sell rice @ Rs. 3, Wheat @Rs.2 and other grains @ Re.1 per KG to this category.

The government has decided to supply 3 KG food grains to the category above poverty level at half the price of supported price. The whole project will cost Rs. 300 B to the Indian government.

Opposition parties criticized that the food security bill has been passed in a hassle to divert attention from Lokpal bill.

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