Sunday, October 23, 2016

Indian patients have more tolerance: Dr. Anil Sharma

 "Indian patients have more tolerance than their counterparts in the EU and US",  Dr. Anil Sharma told me today during a conversation about his achievements. He added, "Developed countries have much more medical and healthcare facilities than India. Patients, there are aware, sensitive and cautious about their health. Hence, they go to a specialist for consultation in the first and second stages of ailments whereas a larger number of Indian patients visit a specialist mostly when in the third and fourth stages." 
According to him, the state of medical facilities available to the common man in India is vastly different than that of the developed nations and that has created this medico-social gap. His clinical experience reveals that a considerably large number of patients fight through and survive even in face of such under-rated conditions. The inference in his words is — 'When they can survive with such inadequate facilities and adverse conditions, they can also absorb the invasion and shock of surgery". 

Dr Anil Sharma, senior heart surgeon SMS hospital Jaipur
Dr. Anil Sharma during the conversation
Currently in limelight for his successful innovative ways of cardiovascular surgery Dr. Anil Sharma, senior Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeon in the SMS hospital, Jaipur, has many achievements to his credit.  In a recent interview, Dr. Anil Sharma informed me that his new technique reduces the number and size of the cuts during the surgery. As a professor of  Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery in the SMS medical college, Jaipur, he is teaching this new technique to his students as well
Dr. Sharma informs that, while teaching, he informs his students about the much higher endurance level of Indian patients as compared with that of European and American patients. He added that though no systematic research has been conducted on the topic, he can claim this to be a fact based on his wide clinical experience. As such, he also advises his students (prospective heart surgeons) that medical research conducted in developed countries can be of help only if and when carefully and critically viewed in the Indian context. 

Interview with Dr. Anil Sharma, the Cardiothoracic surgeon-Video

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