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Building backlinks to make money online, Earn money creating backlinks

Building backlinks

Back links and building backlinks are the talk of the town since few years. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is talking about these. Why so much noise for these terms? Because these are the essential tools to get traffic and make money online as internet is a big business today. People starts building it just after registering a domain name. Creating backlinks is easy. Create backlinks to your website to earn money online.
Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are big players in Internet business. They have large numbers of links to their sites which drive lot of traffic to these sites. Google have some 225 millions back links to their site where as Yahoo and MSN have approximately 90 and 25 million respectively. These help these sites to make money online in internet business.

You have to build backlinks to make money online, The internet marketers make it a compulsion to generate incoming links for your web site or web page to get traffic. You can not make money on the net without tons of traffic. More the traffic, more the chances to have a click on advertise or an affiliate marketing device. It is very difficult to get online traffic without sufficient back links and to get those to your web sites or web pages you need building backlinks.
This is one of the most important way of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used for the purpose of optimizing your page for the search engines. SEO techniques influence positively your search engine rankings. This is an artificial way to rank higher in SERPs.

Though content is the king and search engines are continually improving their algorithm to find the best content for your search terms, backlinks are still important. Very important! These are the keywords to make money online.

Now the question arises how many quality backlinks do you need,and where from do you get these magical power.

Magical number of backlinks

 Making money online is not an easy job as claimed by many. You have to face tough competitions to in your way. It is as hard as making money in real life business. Creating a web page was never so easy as today. Plenty of online tools are available which creates a web site or a web page for you. This has brought huge competition in online marketing.

Before getting the magical number required for your website you have to know competition and your competitors. You have to build more backlinks than your competitors to get traffic to your site to make money online.

For an example, say, you are writing about America and targeting the keyword "America" and want to get your page in the first page of Google SERP. There are ten results in every page. You have to be indexed at least for the tenth position for the keyword "America" if you want to be in the first page of Google search. This is how you can get huge traffic to make money online.

Let us take an example. Say your competitor, the tenth one in the Google search has ten thousand links. Now you have to build few more backlinks than those ten thousand to beat him in the competition for the keyword "America". If you succeed in building backlinks more than him, you probably indexed in the first page of Google search. You have to go on building backlinks to rank higher in the Google search pages. The same is true for Yahoo, MSN or any other search engines.

Remember, here we are talking of the numbers of backlinks and not of the quality of backlinks. However, quality does matter  as in other fields.

However, you have to act on some other things to make money online.

Quality of backlinks

As I have stated above not only the quantity but also the quality of backlinks do matter in case of building backlinks. High quality backlinks are given more weight than low quality backlinks. Hence, you have to be careful while building backlinks for your site to make money online.

What quality backlinks mean?

Quality of backlinks is decided mainly with two factors. Page rank of a site back linking and relevancy of the site with your keyword or keywords. Page rank is directly proportional to the quality of back links. A backlink from a pagerank 7 or 8 site is worth more than dozens of backlinks from sites with 0 or 1 pagerank. In general, higher the page rank higher the quality of backlinks.

The other factor for the quality of backlinks is relevancy. Backlinks from a relevant site are worth more than backlinks from irrelevant sites. Hence quality of backlinks are again directly proportional to relevancy of the sites you are backlinking to.

Therefore, Check the relevancy and page rank of a site before building backlinks. If you are able to build quality backlinks with relevant and higher page rank sites than your competitors then you will be succeed in getting indexed higher than them (if other factors are similar) and chances are there that you will be getting more traffic. This is the keyword for making money online.

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How to get backlinks

There are different types and ways to get backlinks. There are Do follow and No follow backlinks. No follow backlinks sends traffic to your web site or web page but search engine do not use these links to rank your site or page. Do follow links send traffic to your page as well as search engine use these links to rank your page in SERPs.

You can get organic backlinks, free backlinks, reciprocal links or paid backlinks. When one finds your web site or  web page useful or relevant to their sites they create a backlink to yours. This happens automatically without any efforts from your side. These are called organic backlinks and sends organic traffic to your web site or web page. Some times people bookmark your web site or web page  in bookmarking sites or social networking sites too which provides you with backlinks. These are free back links obviously.

You can also create free backlinks by linking your site or page to your own blogs and sites. Some social bookmarking sites allow you to create your own links. You cam submit your web page or web site to various internet directories to get free backlinks. Commenting on others blogs and participating in forums are other ways to get free back links. You can also get backlinks through News, Images and videos. RSS is also a good way to get free backlinks.

One way links and reciprocal links:

Above mentioned are examples of one way links. Some sites ask you to create a reciprocal link against which they generate a backlink to your web site or web page. These links are called reciprocal backlinks. Reciprocal links have lesser value than one way back links.

Paid backlinks are different than free backlinks. Some sites ask money to backlink you. These are paid backlinks.

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