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Cheapest website developers for reliable web hosting

 This article was published in Hubpages when Vardhaman Infotech started providing web hosting in cheapest rate. This was an initial offer from Vardhaman Infotech. The offer is withdrawn now. 

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Are you searching for cheapest website?

There are hundreds thousands of website developers who claim that they are the cheapest web hosting company providing cheapest website in the world. They have several web hosting packages for web design and hosting.
Every business small or big needs a website nowadays. One can not have a global exposure without a website. .A website is even needed for a local business. Big business houses have no difficulty having a website. However, small businesses have to look for cheap websites. They can not afford costly ones especially in the developing countries. Most of the web hosting packages are in US Dollars. These packages become expensive while counting in currencies of most of the developing countries.
1 US $ costs approximately Rs. 47 in India, for example. Hence, a cheap web hosting package in the US becomes expensive in India. Most of the businesses in the developing countries do not have their own Websites. They did not even require few years back. However, owning a website is becoming essential day by day with expansion of internet in developing countries.
Cheap website design, cheap website hosting, cheap web hosting, cheap web host, cheap website designers etc are among the popular search words in many developing countries. These are also popular keyword search in developed countries like America and Australia.
They need reliable web hosting. They search for top web hosting and best web hosting. Where can they find reliable web hosting company who provides cheap websites and cheap web site hosting?
This is a difficult task. Not all the cheap hosting companies are reliable. Small businesses do not have enough resources to change their hosting company repeatedly. Moreover, they are not only looking for cheap websites but for cheapest websites in this competitive market.
Families, societies and small social organizations also need websites but they do not have enough budget for web designing and web hosting. What should they do? What are the options left behind them?
An Indian Web design and hosting company in Jaipur provides one point solution to all these problems.
Every body knows that India is pioneer in providing cheapest IT solutions. Indian IT professionals are known for their quality works.Most of the IT and internet giants in the world outsource their works to India and Indian IT companies. Indian companies provide reliable services in cheapest rates. Hence, one can rely on their promises.
Reliable and Cheapest Website

Vardhaman Infotech: Reliable website developers

Vardhaman Infotech
provides reliable web hosting and designing services in cheapest rate. Their mission is "Website for every one". They provide cheap web hosting and designing services. Any body can afford their price.
They provide complete website design, hosting with domain name in just Rs. 499/ per year. Most of the cheap website designers charge per month. However, Vardhaman Infotech charges per year. While calculating in dollars it comes to only about $1 per month.
I have not found any service cheaper than this. There are no hidden charges and no conditions apply. The websites are ad free.
Are their any web hosting packages cheaper than this one? I did not find any. Silver 499 web hosting package of Vardhaman Infotech is really the cheapest website development plan in the world.
Cheapest Website

Web hosting packages of Vardhaman Infotech

Vardhaman Infotech is currently providing cheap web hosting and web designing plans in four major categories. These are silver 499, Gold 999, Patinum 1999 and Diamond 3499. These cheap plans can fulfill your customized needs. They also provide video hosting in some of their packages.
Number of pages, photos, videos and E-mails vary plan to plan. However, all these plans are generally cheaper in comparison to other web hosting and designing services.

Other services: Networking, Data Management and SEO

Vardhaman Infotech
provides other IT solutions according to customized needs of their clients in competitive rates.
They provide Networking solutions, SEO (Search engine optimization) and data management services.
AMC (Annual maintenance contract) for hardware (Personal computers) are taken with in the service area in Jaipur.

This article was published in Hubpages when Vardhaman Infotech started providing web hosting in cheapest rate. This was an initial offer from Vardhaman Infotech. The offer is withdrawn now.

Vardhaman Infotech
A leading IT company in Jaipur 
Rajasthan, India


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