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Poorn Chandra Jain, a freedom fighter and true Sarvoday leader

Poorn Puran Chandra Jain Tunklia, Freedom fighter and Sarvoday leader
Poorna Chandra Jain Tunklia
Poorna Chandra Jain (Puran Chand Tunkalia), a multi dimensional personality was born on 19th September, 1909. He was a highly qualified person of his time who obtained post graduate degree from Agra University.  Poorna chandraji started his career as a teacher on request of the Jobner thakur (a chieftain under Jaipur estate).

Soon after that, he got attracted to the freedom movement and joined Jaipur Rajya Prajamandal (the flagship organization of freedom fighters in princely states under British rule). He soon occupied the centre stage of freedom movement in Jaipur because of his sharpness, straightforwardness and commitment.

He was also the chief Editor of “Lokvani”, the most popular Hindi daily in Jaipur. Besides freedom movement, he made his presence strongly felt in the literary circles of the nation. He led social reforms in the city; he started criticizing social evils of that time and attacked those making his articles weapon against the same. His articles even embarrassed the monks and nuns of his own Jain community.

He contributed a lot for the educational development in the city. He decided not to join active politics post independence. Though he was sure to be inducted as a minister in the first ever popular ministry formed in Rajasthan after independence, he decided to remain in the field of constructive work and social service. He was the main leader in Rajasthan in Bhoodan movement launched by Saint Vinoba Bhave.

Poorn Chandra Jain sitting with Saint Vinoba Bhave (Group photo)
He was founder of several social and voluntary organizations within and outside Jaipur including Prakritrik chikitsalaya (a renowned Naturopathy center). He was an all India figure in regard to Sarvodaya movement, the movement for prohibition of Alcohol etc.

He worked in close association with Sri Jay Prakash Narayan (JP), the most popular leader of that time. In early seventies, they worked together for surrender of dreaded dacoits of Chambal valley. Many of the dreaded dacoits came forward and surrendered their weapons and took oath of “Ahimsa” before him.

At the age of 75, Poorna Chandra ji decided to relinquish all the official positions. He was so firm on his decision that repeated attempts by the then chief minister Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat ( who was very close to him too) also failed to persuade him to accept the chairmanship of a govt. body under which he would have been entitled for a cabinet minister ranking.

He wrote a hand-note on January 14 and handed it over to his family members on August 1, 1995. He clearly instructed not to perform any rituals and not to call any of his family members from outside the city after his death except funeral and Utavna. His family members followed his instructions after his death. 

Jaipur will celebrate his 105th birthday tomorrow September 19, 2014 at Vani Mandir, Bapunagar to pay homage to their reverend leader who worked selflessly for his whole life. I have got details from Ajay Tunkalia, his grand son about his personality and work. I am publishing this article editing those details for your perusal.

Photographs of Birth day celebration at Vani Mandir

Jyoti Kothari with Chandi Prasad Bhatt, Dr VS Vyas, former consultant to PM of India
Jyoti Kothari speech, Vani MandirC P Bhatt, V S Vyas and Ajay Tunkalia at Dias 

Jyoti Kothari among Dignified audience at Puran Chand Tunkalia memorial lecture in Jaipur
Audience at Vani Mandir, Poorn Chandra Jain memorial lecture
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