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Famous People and Families from Shaharwali Society Part 5

Singhi family of Azimganj is also a renowned Shaharwali family. Bahadur Singh Singhi and Dalchand Singhi were the pioneers of the family. They established their business and business system well. They have found their fortune in collieries. They had lion's share in coal production of Bengal before nationalization of collieries.

Singhi family was fond of Gemstones, especially flat diamonds and emeralds. They were instrumental in making wonderful "Aangi" of sri Dharmanath Swami in Tulapatti Jain Temple, Kolkata. This Kundan Jadau "Aangi" is studded with hundreds of big size flawless flat diamonds.

The Singhi family had built two high schools, one in Lalbagh and another in Jiaganj, both in Murshidabad district. Their residential house Singhi Sadan in Azimganj is now converted to Azimganj Kothi. Rajendra Singh Singhi of this family was the first one in Shaharwali society to marry a Gujrati Girl.

However, their main contribution to Jain society is publications of "Singhi Granthamala". This is a series of Jain texts published first time in printed form. This series is an asset to Jain academic world. Prakrit Bharati, Jaipur is set to re-publish the same.

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