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Famous Shaharwali people and families Part 4


Neminath Temple courtyard decorated with chandeliers

Built by Kothari family

Mahasingh Meghraj Kothari was one of the most famous Shaharwali merchant from Azimganj. They have expanded their business in Assam. Their business houses were called "Badgola" that means big godown in local language. Both Mahasingh and Meghraj Kothari had been awarded with the title Rai Bahadur.

The family built Neminath temple that is
now known as Panchayati Mandir and Badi poshal in Azimganj. The most important aspect of building the temple was that none of their family members put their name in the temple. They remain anonymous though spending huge amount of money in building the temple.

The family left Azimganj and most of the family members are now living in Vidyasagar street, Maniktalla, Kolkata.

The family has got some very famous personality. Dilip Singh Kothari of the family had represented Indian national team in Football. Achal Singh Kothari of the family was the first one to be a medical Doctor from Shaharwali society. Jyoti Kothari remained as President of Murshidabad Sangh for very long time.

Manoj Kothari won the world championship title of Billiard in recent past.

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Bimal Kothari was an accomplished swimmer and had crossed the English Channel.