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Famous Shaharwali people and families Part 3



Nirmal Singh Nowlakha was one of the most famous "Rais" of Azimganj. Shaharwali society was known for its "Raisi" and there were several "Rais" families in both Azimganj and Jiaganj. However, Nirmal Kumar Singh Nowlakha popularly known as "Nowlakha ji" was the talk of the town. He was married to the daughter of Maharaj Bahadur Singh Dugar, another Rais of Jiaganj.

He was renowned for organizing "Holi", the Indian festival of colors. Nowlakha Rose garden in Azimganj was the best in whole Murshidabad district. He had also been organizing Football tournaments.

Besides his Raisi he founded hospital in Azimganj. This is the only hospital in Azimganj till date (Now Government runs that).

Parent of present Acharya Padmasagar ji was working under him.

Shashi Nowlakha, his Grandson (S/o Charitra Kumar Singh) is now very active in social field. He is trustee of several Teerthas and other social and Charitable institutes.

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