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Marital relations between Shaharwali and Johari Sath

Relationship between Shaharwali and Johari Sath, two major Jain communities in Bengal started at around 1870s. However, it took fifty more years to have a marital relationship. It is to be noted that most of the Shaharwali families were living in Azimganj and Jiaganj (Murshidabad district) and Johari Sath families in Kolkata. Johari Sath is community of early days Jain Jewelers engaged in Gems and Jewelry business.

Meena Kumari, daughter of Mansingh Shrimal, of Shaharwali society (Azimganj) was first to be married with a Johari Sath guy Mohanlal S/o Chunnilal Mahamwal, 83, Beadon street, Kolkata (Acording to the best of my knowledge). They were married around 1920. Later on their daughter Putul Kumari was married in Azimganj to Samarendrapat S/o Chandrapat Kothari. Putul Kumari is 85 now.

Some other early day marriages:
1. Kanchan Kumari (83) of Rai Badridas Family (Johari Sath) was married to Kiran Singh Shrimal S/o Man Singh.

2. Vimal Kumar Singh, of Rai Badridas family married to Kabita Kumari D/o Parichand Bothra of Azimganj.

3. Kanak Kumari, again from Rai Badridas family married to Ajeet Singh Nahar, Azimganj.

4. Kusum Kumari from Rai Badridas family was married to Dhirendrapat Kothari of

5. Shobhavati Baid of Azimganj married to Maniklal Dusaj of Johari sath.

6. Some Samsukha girl (I do not know name) of Shaharwali society was married in Raisurana Family of Johari Sath.

7. Daughter of Parichand Kothari was married to Ratanchand Mogha of Johari Sath.

8. Ranu Kumari D/o Mukandilal Mookim (Johari Sath) married to Rajendra Singh Bothra S/0 Kamalapat Bothra of Jiaganj.

9. Kammo Bibi D/o Mukandilal Mookim (Johari Sath) married to Moni babu Dudhoria S/o Sripat Singh Dudhoria of Azimganj.

Most of these marriages happened between 1940 and 1950.

I think, there are many more. I request all readers to share more information in this blog.

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