Monday, August 3, 2009

Shaharwali families in Hyderabad


Shaharwali people have been migrating from Azimganj and Jiaganj (Murshidabad) since long time. Migration became faster after abolition of Zemindari in 1954. Shaharwali community is a dynamic community with rich traditions and culture. They have migrated to various places in India and overseas.

Shaharwali people are migrating to Hyderabad since last 40 years or so. Here is a list of Murshidabad Jain families living in Hyderabad.

1. Arvind Shrimal S/o Jaisingh Shrimal of Azimganj

2. Rajkumar Kothari S/o Samarendrapat Kothari of Azimganj

3. Pradip Kothari S/o Padamchand Kothari of Azimganj Prateek kothari, S/o sandeep Kothari is studying in Hyderabad and living with Pradip Kothari

4. Anand Baid

5. Arihant Nowlakha S/o Alok Nowlakha of Azimganj. His sister also lives in Hyderabad.


5. Shila Nahata (Daughter, Late Padamchand Kothari, Azimganj)

6. Subhash Golechha (Son-in-law, Bhanwarlal Kothari, Jiaganj)

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Kaushik Sharma said...

Hi Jyoti,
I am Kaushik Sharma from Jiaganj, currently residing at Hyderabad. I am close relative of Kamal Chand Pandey. Thanks for this nice community site of yours. A smal point here though. The concept of Shaharwalli is not neccesarily restricted to the Jains of Murshidabad. By and large to me it is a cultural identity. It is niche culture shared by few , appreciated by many, but the highlight being people with this tahzeeb prefers to identify themselves as shaharwali.


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